Luxury Home Theater Design & Engineering

Seller of the World’s Largest Retractable Outdoor TV
Outdoor TV

An unparalleled viewing experience– spectacular image quality on High Dynamic Range LED screens, along with a unique collapsible design by Porsche Design Studios, create the world’s most impressive Television. Dvizion offers 3 models of C-SEED’s luxury outdoor TV’s: the 144, 201, & 301. From a compact 10 ft width, to an imposing 15 ft , to an extraordinary 22 ft.

Supermarine TV

The ultimate statement in luxury television– a retractable, weatherproof, daylight-viewing LED TV, with a redesigned hydraulic lift system for space-saving restrictions on a yacht. The same stunning image & sound quality of C-SEED 144 and 201, with a sophisticated combination of vertical and horizontal drives, requiring only 31 inch storage space.

Theater Design

Our Theater Design staff are highly-trained veterans of the Hollywood industry, skilled at creating a superior cinema experience. Services include custom architectural design, state-of-the-art acoustical engineering, D-Cinema and Pro Video/Audio, home automation, security and IT, consulting/project management, and installation.

Marine Recording Studio

Dvizion can design and build your dream recording studio on your yacht. Our highly-skilled engineers understand the unique characteristics of your space, and can build a world-class recording studio in the luxury environment of your yacht—and provide recording mixers and audio techs to help create your next hit album.


Picture the impact of surprising your guests with a television that emerges from a hidden underground chamber, elegantly unfolds, & displays a gorgeous & seamless image, all in 45 seconds. The C-SEED TV is bright enough for daytime viewing, weatherproof, & rotates 270 degrees for optimal viewing angles.

Powerful audio comes from the 12 high-fidelity speakers and 3 subwoofers below the image area. Transform any lawn or poolside into an outdoor viewing area with this striking combination of sleek design and stunning imagery.


Unique Entertainment On Board

• Space-saving horizontal lift design with shallow storage area
• Rotate up to 180 degrees with radio remote control
• Optimum sound quality, even in high winds
• Crystal clear picture even in glaring daylight conditions
• Crafted from marine grade aluminum and steel, designed  for contemporary yachts

Home Theater Design

Schedule an AR Demonstration

Through our unique Augmented Reality app, we can track a point at your site, and be able to visualize the TV in real-time 3-D, on any iPad. Get a feel for the actual size of the C-SEED by walking around the TV as it would be installed. See both unfolded and folded states, and how it seamlessly integrates into the design of your space.