Supermarine TV

The First Real Superyacht TV

The Supermarine models of the C-SEED 201 and 144 use a sophisticated combination of vertical & horizontal lifts, and a shallow 31” storage cavity, to economize space on and below deck. Crafted from marine-grade aluminum and steel, the materials perfectly match the design elements of contemporary superyachts. The TV’s exceptional luminosity, dynamic range, and contrast ratio produce an extraordinary image, even in the bright daylight of the Caribbean or Mediterranean. Distortion-free audio, even in high winds, comes from two high-quality broadband speakers and one subwoofer.

C-SEED’s Supermarine 201 and 144 models provide the finishing touch to any yacht’s environment of exceptional luxury.


Unique Entertainment On Board

  • Space-saving horizontal lift design with shallow storage area
  • Rotate up to 180 degrees with radio remote control
  • Optimum sound quality, even in high winds
  • Crystal clear picture even in glaring daylight conditions
  • Crafted from marine grade aluminum and steel, designed for contemporary yachts


The 201 inch and 144 inch screens retract into a shallow compartment, saving valuable space on and below deck. The LED panels silently unfold within 45 seconds to showcase an exceptional screen that can withstand the high winds and sunny conditions on any yacht. Rotate up to 180° in any direction with a push of the button on the radio remote control.